We know nothing’s more valuable than what takes place on the inside of a home. The family moments that strengthen bonds. The lived experiences that shape communities.

We believe our customers’ attention should be on nurturing and enjoying their interests and their families, not on roofs, siding, or windows. And our job is to make sure that never changes.

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That’s why we’ve assembled the best-in-class roofing and home exterior services brands across the country, and contracting professionals that know how to fix home exteriors without damaging the interior bonds, and deliver affordable, long-lasting improvements to homes, regardless of who’s paying– homeowners or insurers.

Our local brands are made up of people in key markets across the country who genuinely understand each community’s subtle dynamics and requirements, ensuring our work not only makes homes strong, and more resilient, but also helps strengthen communities.

These best-in-class companies have stellar reputations, earned over the years, with top-notch ratings and superior customer service. We help them become stronger together, by offering unified data platforms, back-office efficiencies and support, and by scaling best practices across our network of independent professionals – all to deliver outsized results.

Customer Care

While most in our industry talk about the outside, we know being on your side means it’s really all about the inside. That’s why we help our customers navigate through renovations, repairs, and fixes with transparency and compassion. And why we support our brands with their internal effectiveness, helping local teams really shine. Ultimately, it’s why we help make sure the homes we work on are strong, from the inside-out.

Because strong homes build strong communities.

Be Uncommonly Great.

We find the right way to meet and exceed expectations and help our people shine so they can do their best for you.

Care the Most.

Exterior home service repairs, renovations, and fixes can be hard to navigate. Our best-in-class contractors make sure the job gets done with compassion and appreciation for how stressful the process can be. In fact, nobody cares as much about what happens on the inside as we arrange to fix the outside.

Have Fun and Do Good.

Our teams love the work they do and we know it makes an impact on people’s lives. We build on this by doing good in our community and celebrating our achievements, big and small, along the way.

Create Lasting Impact, Together.

Buckle up. A career with Stronghouse means you’re part of a fast-growing, high-quality, mission-driven endeavor where we seek to unlock and create value for homeowners, property managers, insurance companies, investors, and employees alike. Ultimately, you're part of an organization that builds strong communities, one home at a time.

Nobody does it better than Stronghouse

We’ve assembled and oversee the best collection of local companies and independent professionals nationwide that fix homes’ exteriors without damaging the interior bonds.

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